Gaby's Guide to Brazilian World Cup Eats

The World Cup starts in just under three weeks and it's time to get down to business. And that business involves food. Obviously.

After my #onlyinsouthamerica Brazilian adventure earlier this year, I have a bunch of friends and readers who are going to be jetting off to Brazil in just a few short weeks to watch an obscene amount of soccer and enjoy everything Brazil has to offer. And guess what... they all want to know where to eat. (don't remind me that I won't actually be there for the games, I'm having a major FOMO moment) I rounded up my favorite places to bring you a fun map on Where to Eat in Brazil! I want to make sure everyone has the most delicious food and plenty of caipirinhas while in one of my favorite countries!

So check out the map - and then read on below to find a handful of restaurants in each of the host cities!

Where to eat in Brazil


Restaurante Banzeiro - be sure to check out this hot spot in Manaus! The atmosphere is fun, casual and very family friendly. And the menu featured dishes inspired by their proximity to the Amazon. The fish dishes are not to be missed! Plus if you're feeling adventurous... they serve fried ants. #justsayin


Coco Bambu Frutos do Mar is rumored to have some of the best caipirinhas in town. Plus you can dine on their patio with a gorgeous ocean view.

Bar do Pirata is one of the best bars and clubs in Brazil. Plus show is not to be missed!


Camarões Potiguar is a fun, casual and super group friendly option! And their shrimp dishes are an absolute must!

Dolce Vita is another super cute bistro option. And if you're into wine - this place has an extensive wine list!


Spettus is the place to go if you're looking for Churrascaria (those epic giant meat skewers cooked over a BBQ!)


Hotel Villa Bahia is home to perhaps my current most favorite restaurant in the world. You can't go wrong with anything on their menu and the service is impeccable. But if I had to suggest something - make sure to order the Moqueca which is a traditional Brazilian stew that will have you begging for more. Plus there is an uber cute patio to sit on and enjoy a few caipirinhas

Another wonderful option is Casa Tereza! It's a super fun atmosphere with plenty of seating and a ton of traditional food to this region in Brazil.

Belo Horizonte

Rima dos Sabores is known for their insane beer selection. If you're even remotely interested in beer, this place is a bucket list for Brazil. They also are loaded with other traditional Brazilian dishes that you've got to try!


Restaurante Aprazível is another restaurant that is near and dear to my heart. It's basically a giant tree house nestled in the hills of Rio. The views are out of this world and the food is too. It's farmers market focused dining and the have some super inventive caipirinhas as well! (Can you tell I did my fair share of caipirinha taste testing for you guys! It was a tough job... but someone had to do it!)

Mira! Restaurante is the perfect place to go for lunch in Rio. It's a posh little restaurant that serves lunch buffet style and it's located inside of an art museum. So be sure to hit it up pre or post soccer games and enjoy their lunch!

Maua Restaurante is another insanely delicious option located in yet another art museum. It's the perfect place to have a relaxed lunch atop on of the tallest buildings in the area and gaze out on Rio! And you should absolutely order the crab legs. They are out of this world!

São Paulo

Mocotó is another option for insanely delish caipirinhas. In fact, people say they have the best in the city! Mocotó specializes in traditional Brazilian fare so let your server guide you through the menu for the best options!

Right next to Mocotó is their sister restaurant Esquina Mocotó. If you're into burgers than this place should be at the top of your list!


Restaurante Mangai is a casual, friendly, buffet style restaurants that is a perfect post-game spot! Grab some of their meat, seafood and vegetables and go to town with some friends!

Also - be sure to check out Villa Tevere for some superb Italian fare!


Sushi Arte is known for, you guessed it, sushi!!

Porto Alegre

If you're in Porto Alegre and craving something a little bit chic, be sure to check out Xavier 260. It's a fine dining experience with traditional Catalan food! And make a reservation too - because it's the hot spot in town!

Word on the street is that Cachorro do Rosario has the best hot dogs in Porto Alegre!


Mahalo Cozinha Criativa is known for their fish and pasta and for being a great experience.

There you have it! Hope you enjoy Brazil and all the amazing food it has to offer!!

Map graphic designed by Rina Khadivi


  1. omg perfect! I'm off for the cup in 4 days and have been trying out your brazilian recipes for weeks... can't wait to hit all these restaurants!!

  2. I am not going to Brazil for the soccer, but this is a great idea. We do quite a bit of travel, and it is always helpful to get good recommendations for where to eat. I will be saving this info for when I do get to Brazil again!!! I would love you to do this for every place on my bucket list!!

  3. Thank you so much!! We are going for 3 weeks, so I will definitely put these places on our itinerary!

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