Gaby's Guide to Big Sur

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Big Sur is one of the most magical places in California. It's home to some truly amazing restaurants, a handful of hikes that will kick you into shape and plenty of cute hotels and spas where you can relax! Read on to see my can't miss stops while visiting Big Sur!

Gaby's Guide to Big Sur

I've been to Big Sur a handful of times... most recently for our 1 year wedding anniversary. It's a little slice of heaven and a perfect weekend getaway!

Glen Oaks Lodge - one of the first places I ever stayed in Big Sur was Glen Oaks. It's a super chic lodge nestled into the forest with basically no wifi, no tv and no valet. It's exactly what you want while you're on a weekend getaway. They go however have heated floors, amazing rooms with outdoor firepits and it's a hop skip and a jump away from my favorite bakery. It's not on the water but it's seriously stunning.

Pfeiffer Falls - in order to eat everything I do while traveling, there has to be some form of workout involved before or after meals. Pfeiffer Falls is just that!! Plus it's majorly gorgeous.

Big Sur Bakery - without a doubt this is my favorite place to eat in town. The food is incredible for breakfast, lunch and dinner... although I'm partial to breakfast and lunch! Get the pizza, it's a game changer.

Post Ranch Inn - I mean, what's a vacation without the occasional splurge! Post Ranch is just that. It's one of the most gorgeous hotels I've every stayed at and the restaurant there is really wonderful. Sierra Mar (their restaurant) sits on top of a cliff and overlooks the water which makes for an unbeatable view while you eat. Both times I've been we opted for the prix fixe menu which was pricey, but totally incredible.

Ventana Inn - Another favorite is the Ventana Inn! The restaurant is warm and romantic and the food and drink is seriously delish! Word on the street is that they have a killer spa... so I need to make my way back and try that out asap!

Nepenthe - While Nepenthe has a restaurant that's always packed... I'm partial to just going there to hang out. They have one of the most beautiful views in Big Sur. If you go in the afternoon, while the sun in shining, you can post up at a table and just chill.

Ewoldsen Trail - another hike!! Because we've gotta burn all those calories from breakfast, lunch, second lunch and dinner. Obviously.

Treebones Resort - Raise your hand if you've stayed at a yurt! Have you even heard of a yurt? It's basically a super posh teepee that bananas and awesome. I've become slightly obsessed with Treebones, their fabulous yurts and their restaurant Wild Coast which uses it's own garden for most of the menu. It's a fantastic place to stay and eat if you're with a group of friends and just want to have a great time.

Cambria, California

Cambria Beach, California

Gaby - Big Sur

Big Sur, California

Big Sur Bakery

Big Sur Bakery - Breakfast Pizza

Big Sur Bakery - Avocado Hummus Sandwich

Big Sur - Nepenthe Patio

Big Sur - State Park

Big Sur, California



  1. What a great site you have Gabby! 15 years ago I made the trip with my lifetime bestest of friends from my home in Upstate, NY. We have The Finger Lakes, wineries and gorgeous Autumn's. Traveling from San Francisco to Big Sur was a fabulous experience. The beaches, State Parks, wildlife and food; all awesome. If you plan on visiting the Finger Lakes I can make some good recommendations.

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