Gaby's Guide to Sun Valley, ID

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This years surprise vacation was perfect, as usual! My dad hit it outta the park with the clues and Sun Valley was incredible. I can't wait to go back. We were there for a week and I tried to hit as many local eateries as possible and based on what the scale said when I got home, I think I made quite the dent! Here's my guide on where to eat and drink in Sun Valley!

Cristina's - go for lunch, 100% make a reservation and then get all the things. The soups were particularly delish but so was everything else we ordered.

Despo's - easily some of the best restaurant salsa I've ever had. I loved it so much I went and found it at the grocery store and ate it but the spoonful every day. The burritos are BOMB too!

Roundhouse - take the gondola up or ski into the Round House for lunch and/or dinner. Whatever you order, promise me you'll get the fondue.

Java - all their specialty coffee drinks are insane. Like Buddy the Elf style - hot chocolate with expresso and whipped cream and sprinkled chocolate. It's a necessity!

Kneadery - great for lunch and they have freshly made brownies waiting for you while your table is prepped! That's my kinda restaurant.

Big Wood Bakery - one day we went on a hunt for all the chocolate chip cookies and Big Wood Bakery didn't disappoint!

Warfield - great place to go for an after dinner drink! The bar is busy so try and snag a high-top table and set up shop.

Enoteca - book your table like 1491093 weeks ahead of time because getting a res is downright insane. But it's worth it!

Grumpy's - it's right of passage. Burgers and beers. Plus all the fries!

Pioneer - easily one of my favorite meals of the trip! It's an institution in Sun Valley and you'll get the most incredible meat and baked potato ever (with all the fixin's obviously) They don't take reservations but go and grab a drink at the bar - it's half the fun waiting for your table and meeting everyone else that's there! And if you see Duffy, the owner or Jim the manager, tell them I said hi! They are the best!

Cellar - just a little bar downstairs in Sun Valley if you're feeling like you need to hit the town after dinner. I was so tired after skiing each day we only went out once, but this place was slammed.

Sun Valley Wine Company - half wine shop / half wine bar - go for a drink or to grab a bottle or two and bring to dinner. Their selection was legit!

Galena Lodge - last but certainly not least... Galena Lodge is home to the most EPIC chocolate chip cookie in all of Sun Valley. It's also the place you want to go to for snow-shoeing and cross country skiing. Just make sure you work out before you have the cookies because they are the size of your face and you could easily put 2 down yourself. Not that I speak from experience or anything!

Oh - and ps - normally my guides include where to stay - but Sun Valley is SMALL so it's all about renting a house here. You could stay at the lodge but renting a house is so much more fun. Plus you can set up shop with your friends and just hang! Airbnb, VRBO, take your pic 🙂


  1. So glad you had an amazing time! The PIO is def the SV institution to check out. Also, I hope you had the bread at Big Wood, its to DIE for and that means a lot from the Tartine loving SF resident!

  2. So I go to about 25 food blog/websites a day.... get tons of emails daily of their updates but I go to yours saying in my head "give me something good Gaby" and u deliver! I love ur videos and the fact that u update regularly! Thank you.... I love you!

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