How to Host the Ultimate Cookie Swap

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Cookies and Champagne are two perfect ways to celebrate the holiday season. Add those two elements to a fun Pinterest-worthy soiree and I’m game! Today I’m teaming up with the Paper and Packaging Board – How Life UnfoldsTM campaign to bring you a fantastic way to incorporate cute packaging into a soiree, because HELLO, making a party Pinterest-worthy is what 2016 is all about. Gather up all the girls, have all of them bring their favorite kind of cookie (make sure there’s enough to swap with all of your friends!) and a bottle of bubbly, stock up on tons of beautiful paper boxes and get creative! I supplied all of my girlfriends with their own to-go containers so we could swap cookies and each take home an assorted box of treats!

How to Host the Ultimate Cookie Swap from (@Whatsgabycookin)

Here’s what you need:

Cookies (I made the molasses cookies and the chocolate crinkle cookies - and here are my fail proof recipes if those are your jam too!)


Champagne, pick your favorite! Any kind of sparkling, be it red, white or rosé pairs perfectly with a cookie party. Make sure you have enough glasses for everyone and plenty of space to keep chilled.


Tags (to label all the cookies) I made these super cute gold dusted name tags. All it took was a few pieces of card stock, and a pair of scissors with a unique edge (I found the scissors at my local craft store) to get started. Once you’ve cut one end with the scissors, you can use a bit of glue and some gold dust to decorate as you see fit. There are also TONS of cute paper name tags available at the craft store this time or year - or if you have a few weeks of prep time, you can order some paper goods to give your party an extra personal touch!


To-Go boxes (for everyone to assemble their own box and fill with their favorite cookies) I can NEVER decide between a natural-colored box and a white box. They both look cute, are super Instagram-friendly and work as a perfect vehicle to transport cookies. Because I can’t pick a favorite, I always opt for both so people and pick and design their own. Like I mentioned before, you can let people decorate their boxes with pens, markers, holiday stamps or get the glue and gold dust glitter back out and do a little personalizing!  This helps make them even more gift-worthy and festive.


To go above and beyond the traditional cookie swap and incorporate recipes too! Just make a few handwritten index cards with the recipes that you brought to hand out to your friends. The sky is the limit!!

That’s it!! Arrange everything onto your counter and get busy picking your favorites! Make sure to match up the name tag with the proper cookie and pour some Champagne right before all your friends arrive. I realize it’s a bit early to host cookie exchange parties, but if you’re following me on Snapchat you’ve seen my crazy calendar and know I like to plan ahead as the holidays will be here before we know it!! So let’s do it!! Grab the supplies, pick a date, send out an invite and voila!


Photo by Matt Armendariz / Food Styling by Marian Cooper Cairns / Recipes from What’s Gaby Cooking

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  1. I can't wait to host a cookie swap, it had never occurred to me but this looks like so much fun! Tons of tasty treats, time with girlfriends and I get to get my craft on a bit - thanks for sharing!

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