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Hello! I'm Thomas.  For those of you who do not know me, I am a professional Instagram husband.

I am also the personality behind the world famous Instagram account @whatsthomaseating and husband to Gaby and father to Poppy and our cat Stella.

Fun Fact: I named Stella after the beer but Gaby insists she named her after the Fashion Designer. You be the judge… 


Anyhow, Whats Gaby Cooking as most of you know is a place for tons of awesome recipes, epic travel adventures, and countless lists of things Gaby is totes obsessed with.  

You know the stuff that is “literally EVERYTHING!!!”....

Makeup, yoga pants, kitchen items, pilates classes, tie dye sweatshirts...you get the gist  

This stuff is all great but I have one major question:

Where is the guy content?  

Many of Gaby's readers have husbands, sons, or boyfriends and there are lots of men out there who cook WGC recipes. 

What I am getting at is that the recipes work for everyone but the supplementary content is sparse for my dudes.    

As great as the Lululemon align leggings are (feel free to click this affiliate link and snag a pair of Gabys favorite leggings) 😉 the majority of guys are not rocking a Crop 23” align in Willow Green.  INSTEAD we are rocking the Lululemon 22” Surge Tight Nulux in black.  No joke the best tights I have tried, and I have tried them all.  (Feel free to click this affiliate link and snag a pair of Thomas’ favorite tights here). Also why are they called leggings for women and tights for men?

You see where I am going with this.  Maybe this is just me feeling outnumbered with the arrival of Poppy, and the ratio of women to men in our house jumping 2:1 but I feel that whatsgabycooking.com could use a little more balance.  Think of it as the occasional piece for the modern male.

None of that toxic masculinity BS.  Instead it will be a a place for content coming from a dad and husband who thinks he still has a little cool left in him.  A place to discuss single malts, grilling techniques, cocktails, joggers, technology, electronics, kicks, workouts, with the occasional anecdote of life in a house full of women, hell we will even cover my favorite shower gel (Jack Black reserve, no joke this stuff is next level and worth the price tag).  To round everything out we might even get a little deep and discuss the dad POV during pregnancy and miscarriages, not being the breadwinner, and any other stuff that is not been traditionally discussed or viewed as "manly".   Most importantly it will be content where we don’t take ourselves too seriously and discuss cool shit. 

On that note, it's great to meet you. If this sounds remotely interesting to you please feel free to share moving forward. Anything you want me to hit on or possible cover feel free to leave a comment below or send me a DM @whatsthomaseating.



  1. Looking forward to more of your posts. I love watching and reading about your family life with Gaby and Poppy..

  2. Greetings from sunny SC!
    I loved reading the “other side perspective” from you Thomas. (Plus you are just so cute & funny!) You & your family are perfect together!

  3. I think this is cool!! You are the other half of the WGC equation... cant wait to see more!

    And congratulations on Poppy! She is adorbs!!

  4. Hey Thomas and Gaby, Poppy and Stella too,
    I absolutely love you all. I am from Cali. myself and now live on Cape Cod. It is amazing here. Have you been to the Cape? If not you should visit sometime. Thanks for this email Thomas, You made me smile
    and I love the video stories. Also congrats to your new snuggle bug Poppy. I just love her name. Well back to cooking Gaby's recipes. Bye for now.........Cindy

  5. This is amazing!!
    I am always sharing your content with my husband. We bought a Breville Espresso machine because of your insta-story on how you make your espresso .
    I do gotta say that the ratio in your household is 3:1 (you can’t forget Stella). Cant wait for more content!!

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