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So last weekend Thomas ditched me for his bachelor party.

In any other circumstances this would have been perfectly acceptable. Except for one giant problem. He went to Austin. Yes. Austin, Texas. Like my favorite city in the entire world. The city where my favorite hotel is located. The home of the fried avocado taco. The place where you can rent bikes and go on a taco and tequila bike crawl all day long. He went without me. Totally rude right?

I thought so.

So what did I do? I splurged and had a great girls weekend at a swanky Beverly Hills hotel one day, and then did a beach day in Malibu the next. It was glorious. Not to mention I have officially and successfully evened out all my weird tan lines from France. So I’d say things worked out in the end. I even whipped up a batch of White Nectarine Ice Cream to snack on out by the pool.

It was glorious. Kind of the perfect summer ice cream flavor if you ask me. I have about a trillion nectarines from my last visit to the Santa Monica farmers market. They were all perfectly ripe, so I threw them into a food processor and went to town. For a hot second, I thought about adding peaches too… but the white nectarines ended up having this awesome pink color from the inside of the fruit. And I’m a sucker for pink ice cream, so I left it as it was. And then I used the peaches for cocktails. More on those later.

Anyways. The ice cream is crazy easy. And perfect for a summer BBQ or pool party. If you were feeling extra jazzy, you could totally throw a few scoops onto a chocolate dipped ice cream cone too. It would change your life. Trust me.

White Nectarine Ice Cream

This is a great way to use up a bunch of ripe stone fruit before it gets over ripe! I chose to leave the peels of the nectarines one so it gives it a nice pink tone! Adapted from The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz


  • 4 large white nectarines pitted and chopped (about 1 1/3 pounds)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp meyer lemon juice


  • Place the nectarines and water in a medium sized saucepan and cook for 10 minutes over medium heat until soft. Stir every few minutes to ensure even cooking.
  • Remove the saucepan from the heat, stir in the sugar and let the mixture come to room temperature.
  • Transfer the mixture to a blender or food processor with the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Place the liquid into a large bowl and chill for 2 hours. Once the mixture is chilled, transfer it to your ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturers directions.

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  1. Katrina

    This is such a pretty colour! And it sounds awesome – love it!

  2. Blog is the New Black

    The color of this is GORG! Annnnnd I bet it tastes like a cool, refreshing heaven!

  3. Ali @ Gimme Some Oven

    So pretty!!!! Love anything with fresh nectarine. This looks fabulous!

  4. Connie

    Love the pretty pink color! I bet this would make such a refreshing ending to a summer meal with friends.

  5. Chung-Ah| Damn Delicious

    Girl’s weeekend sounds so fun! And I’m in love with this pink peach ice cream!

  6. Amy @ What Jew Wanna Eat

    Pretty ice cream! Austin is the best, but your weekend sounds better! πŸ™‚

  7. brandi

    i cant’ wait for nectarine season – the color of this is just gorgeous!

  8. Ann P.

    oh my gosh the color of that ice cream is BEAUTIFUL! Looks so good, especially with that rose quartz spoon πŸ™‚ love it!

  9. Heather Christo

    Sorry. you lost me at a fried avocado taco and something about tequila and bike riding. I have to go to Austin immediately. Or right after I eat this pretty pink ice cream.

  10. Lucy Lean

    Pretty pink ice cream and such a gorgeous pink peony to go with – LOVE! I’d take your weekend over Austin any day.

  11. Karen F.

    This looks fantastic! I’m allergic to uncooked stone fruits, do you think cooking the nectarines a little longer would still work ok in the recipe?

    • Gaby

      yup! you could cook them a bit longer for sure πŸ™‚

  12. Stephie @ Eat Your Heart Out

    I just want to curl up in that bowl and take a glorious little nap.

  13. Sadie

    You get to live in LA and would rather go to other cities? We had a job in LA dangled in front of us and I don’t think my heart will ever recover from it being ripped away.

  14. marla

    The hotel and this ice cream sound amazing!! Such a pretty pink color πŸ™‚

  15. Marianne

    My vote for the prettiest picture of ice cream ever. In love!

  16. aida mollenkamp

    Gorgeous! And such a great way to treat yourself while Thomas was away!

  17. Kristina Vanni

    This is lovely! I love your unique spin on ingredients and beautiful presentation as well!

  18. Jessica

    Oh, I’m so glad you just let that pink color be! It’s gorgeous! Sounds like an incredible weekend!

  19. Stacey

    This is the prettiest, girliest ice cream ever! I just got a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, and this little gem of a recipe sounds like the perfect way to break it in!

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