10 Things to do in Thuringia and Würzburg

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If you're heading to Germany and plan on covering Munich and Frankfurt, the Thuringia region and Würzburg should be added to your itinerary!

Thomas and I traveled around Germany by train which was beyond easy. We would just hop on and off at our destinations, change tickets as needed if our time tables changed, and life was good! Our trip had Munich and Frankfurt as bookends, and we hit up tons of other fantastic places in between... so without further ado...

1. Gretchen's Restaurant in Weimar - easily one of my favorite meals of all times! Gesa, our tour guide while in Weimar (who is basically the only person you should call if you're going - she's amazing) joined us for such a lovely lunch on our 1 day in Weimar! She knew everything there was to know about the Weimar food / history / culture scene plus the food was fantastic and it was the cutest cafe to enjoy a modern German lunch!


2. Ice Cream in Erfurt - easily the coolest ice cream store I've ever visited! Each ice cream cone is topped with chocolate truffles - OKAY!!

3. Champagne dreams at KUNO - KUNO was hosting a dinner with a dozen or so chefs from all over the region that came together to put out the most incredible menu of all times. It wasn't your normal tasting menu though, it was stations positioned all across the restaurant, each manned by a chef, who was doing something extraordinary! There was pasta being tossed in a parmesan rind, you could walk into the kitchen and watch all the proteins being fired right in front of your eyes, and drink until your hearts content. It was easily the most incredible meal we had in Germany and with a handful of chefs from all over the region, I feel like we got a true taste of Germany!


4. Falafel Plates in Würzburg - while it's not a traditional German dish, I love a falafel so we had to stop while in Würzburg! The meal was glorious - and just what I needed between meals filled with delicious schnitzel 🙂


5. Pizza at Locanda in Würzburg - again, not super German, but this restaurant was right on the river and was buzzing with all sorts of fabulous people, so we obviously were game! Pizza and an Aperol Spritz - sign me up!


6. Coffee and Cake at Donndorf - another gem from Gesa in Weimar. Coffee, cakes, tea, chocolates - it's the perfect place to stop for a bite while touring the Weimar region.


7. Wine Tasting in Bad Salza - Who knew Germany had such a fun wine region? Not me - but clearly I know now! The Bad Salza wine region is just as gorgeous as Napa and their wines are delish.

8. Brats at Thür Rostbratwurst in Weimar - I mean, I would trust Gesa with ANYTHING. She was the best tour guide ever and brought us to the best brat stand in all of Germany. I basically died of happiness.

9. City Center Market in Weimar - I'm all about a farmers market!! Especially when it's in a super cute town with charming buildings all around.


10. Krämerbrücke bridge shopping in Erfurt - after you grab your ice cream cone, stick around the area and walk across the bridge popping into all the shops. You'll find everything from chocolate, schnapps, and really beautiful souvenirs.

Next time we're back we're aiming to blanket all of Berlin and check out their food scene like professional investigators!! And if you're planning a trip to Germany - be sure to check out my guides to Munich and Frankfurt - both major hot spots for food AND beer 🙂

And if you're in Weimar, look up Gesa for a tour! She's the BEST! (gesasternkopf@hotmail.com)

Major thank you to the German National Tourist Office for sending me on such an incredible trip!


  1. The falafel plates look to die for! Germany always surprises me it's variety of food. Looks like a great trip!

  2. Ooh! I can't wait to see your Berlin post. Maybe you can give me some good tips on where to eat. 😀 We always go to the same places.

    I've always wanted to go to Erfurt! I want to go even more now after reading this.

  3. I haven't been to Germany yet, but it's on my must-see list! Thuringia and Wurburg sound like amazing destinations!

  4. That ice cream looks insane! I haven't been to Germany in years but this looks like more than reason to go.

  5. You covered all the bases - from savory to sweet and everything in between! Loved the ice cream and the brats....although that first spot with the pasta....and that spot with the falafel....I've never had Germany on my travel list, UNTIL NOW!

  6. That ice cream is literally glorious!!! Love all your travel guides, makes me want to get to Europe ASAP!

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