Gaby's Guide to Napa

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My guide to Napa is coming your way today and let me just tell you - I did some HARD hitting research to make this the best guide to Napa possible! It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it… so let’s get this party started!

Let’s get a few things out of the way up front…. Napa Valley is BIG. So, if you’re going to cover it all, allow for a few days. I think three nights is the perfect amount of time to be in wine country. You’ll be able to explore different areas, hit up a winery or two daily, and eat all the food. I brought along my Capital One Savor® card, obviously, because it earns unlimited 4% back on dining and entertainment, which is CLUTCH when I’m on the road and dining out for three meals a day! 


Napa is about a 6 hour drive or a short flight from LA. Napa has four main areas - Napa proper, Yountville, St. Helena and Calistoga. Each is perfect in its own way and I’ve got some incredible restaurants and wineries for every area in my guide to Napa. Napa is the largest area and the hub. It’s the most inexpensive area to stay in and a great starting point for your daily adventures. Yountville is the OG of incredible restaurants. St. Helena is my personal favorite and has a ton of fresh culinary talent doing incredible things. And Calistoga is a little bit more sleepy but has great spas if you’re looking for something more relaxing.

Now that we’ve got a lay of the land… let’s discuss the best Napa restaurants, wineries, and hotels!



Oenotri - This is the place if you’re looking for pasta in Napa proper. Oenotri has some of the most spectacular pastas in my opinion and I can confidently say that I tried each and every one on the menu when we went.


Oxbow Public Market - It has a little something for everyone plus a ton of cute shops if you need a few new things in your life!!

Balloons Above the Valley - Hot air ballooning at its finest. If you’re not afraid of heights then I’d HIGHLY recommend waking up at the crack of dawn and heading over for a hot air balloon ride. It’s a gorgeous way to start the morning as you glide down the valley and get a bird’s eye view of all the wineries and gorgeous properties.



Bouchon Bakery - 100% worth a visit. Pop in early before the line gets outrageous and grab a few pastries to take with you while wine tasting!

Ad Hoc - It's all about that Fried Chicken Brunch. Do we need to say any more?!


Ciccio - Probably the best Italian food in all of the valley. No reservations taken, so be prepared for a bit of a wait.

La Luna Market & Taqueria - There is such thing as fine dining fatigue and when that happens in the area - La Luna Market hits the spot for burritos!!

Mustards Grill - One of the classic Napa restaurants, it’s truly a farm to table gem!


Stag’s Leap - Another one of my favorite places to visit up in Napa. I’ve been a handful of times and each time I never want to leave. It’s on a gorgeous estate and be sure to make an appointment as you’ll need one to do a tasting and a tour.



Model Bakery - It's probably home to my fav pastries ever. I know people make the trek for Bouchon Bakery, but Model is hands down the best. The Chocolate Chip Croissant Bread Pudding is life. And their breakfast sandwiches are top notch. Easily one of my favorite restaurants in this guide to Napa.

Auberge de Soleil - Another one of my favorite places to brunch. Call ahead of time because chances are you won’t be able to just pop in for brunch since it’s insanely popular. The restaurant overlooks the Napa Valley and it’s one of the most gorgeous views you’ll ever see while sipping on a mimosa!

Acacia House - An incredible seasonally driven restaurant that is exceptional for brunch! We hosted a WGC brunch here pre-covid and it was magic


Gott’s Roadside - It’s not a proper trip to wine country without a stop here. I mean, who can say no to a juicy cheeseburger in between wine tastings? (Also has a location in Napa proper at Oxbow Market!)

Oakville Grocery - The best sandwiches in all the land. If you're going to a winery and want to bring a little picnic, 100% Oakville is the place to go.

Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch - They have an incredible outdoor patio with great cocktails and burgers.

Charter Oak - This is hands down, one of my favorite places to have dinner. Everything here is done over a wood fire grill. Either grab a res or sit at the bar and enjoy the best burger in the valley. 


Round Pond - One of my favorite wine stops. It’s on here for several reasons… the wine is delicious, you can also do an olive oil tasting, and if you plan ahead you can do some kind of meal at the estate. The food is beyond delicious and the terrace is stunning!

Alpha Omega Winery - Great views, incredible red wines and the best service!

Velo Vino - It's owned by the Clif Family. It’s this super cute little wine/bike shop right in St. Helena. There’s a full wine bar in the front, a bruschetta bar in the back and you can rent bikes from them and roam around Napa tasting different wines wherever you choose to stop. Thomas and I ended up going on a 20-mile bike ride and then ended back at Velo Vino for the most delicious bruschetta tasting plus tons of wine. I can’t recommend this place enough. GO!


Alila - It's a fairly new hotel property that’s right smack in the middle of St. Helena and GORGEOUS. Their brunch at Acacia House is incredible and their spa is really, really special.



  • Solage - It's a beautiful sprawling hotel in Calistoga with incredible hot springs / cold plunges and cute bungalow rooms.


A few things to note about wineries - do your research. I included a couple that we love in my guide to Napa - but you really can’t go wrong with any of them. I’d recommend doing no more than two a day and making sure to eat plenty in-between so you don’t blow out your wine tasting palate. Okay!! Be safe out there and go eat ALL THE THINGS! And if you don’t already have a Capital One Savor card, now is the time to apply for one! The Savor card makes it easier to earn rewards for the memorable meals and the unique experiences you’re already having with friends and family. Being able to earn rewards while I am doing things I love with people I love is a no brainer!

Alright!! That’s it! After 12+ years of visiting Napa at least once a year, I think I’ve covered just about every inch of land possible!

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  1. Great post (from a local). I agree with all recommendations and yes it's very sad that Andaz is still closed from the quake. They really got rocked but reopening in November.
    You will have to visit Sonoma on your next trip to make your wine country tour complete.

  2. Thanks for the guide. I will be there soon, and my friends will accompany me. I needed a guide on eating and riding. Thanks!

  3. I've been fortunate enough to have been to many of these spots, but I had not heard of Archetype, I have got to check out that donut situation!

  4. This is seriously awesome! Love all your recommendations and that map - how cool is that?! Thanks for this super helpful guide!

  5. I spent time in Napa about 3 years ago. I am dying to go back. Gott's is amazing and so is Bouchon. Love Morimoto too. This list is the best!

  6. LOVE THIS! We went a couple of years ago, before we moved out here and it was amazing, though we didn't have a clue what to do or where to go, so we just winged it. I can't wait to go back again and use this guide! Thanks for sharing.

  7. The first time I went to Napa was maybe 10-12 years ago and I seriously was hooked. Like I LOVE IT up there! If San Diego's weather didn't have me hooked, I would so live up there. Gorgeous place and love your guide! Nothing better than vineyard hopping 🙂

  8. I hope Napa recovers quickly from the earthquake - we love it there, and will definitely follow up on ALL of your recommendations!!
    Nice recap, and I am finding them very helpful!

  9. Thank you for the guide. My wife wants to visit the Napa Valley, and the guide will help. Is there a best/better season to visit Napa Valley? Or is there a season when it is not recommended to visit? Thanks!

    1. it's always amazing!! October is harvest so that's a really fun time - but you can't go wrong in spring or summer either!

  10. Love your recap! I'm so sad though because we were supposed to stay at the Andaz Napa in a week but won't be now because of the earthquake 🙁 It looks like a wonderful place to stay! I can't wait to check out some of the other places on your list!

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