Game Day Guacamole Recipes

Did you think the girl that wrote the avocado cookbook would forget about guacamole for the super bowl?!?!?! I don’t think so!

It’s the main event. It goes on everything. On top of the chili, nachos, sweet potatoes, you name it and it’s going to have guacamole on it. I’ve picked out my favorite guacs of all time to jazz up your game day fiesta! There are guaranteed to be the first thing consumed for sure! Especially if you happen to invite me. I’ll just park it on the couch and take the bowl of guacamole as my own personal bowl and that’s that! Sorry I’m not sorry 🙂

Ready – set – go! Let’s all eat some guacamole!!!

Game Day Guacamole

Chipotle Guacamole – one of my earliest creations! It’s smokey, smooth and insanely delish.

Charred Corn Guacamole – the pops of color and texture from the corn make this guacamole so fun and special

Spicy Queso Guacamole – cheese and spice?! who could argue with this?

Cheesy Guacamole – I can’t believe I didn’t think of putting cheddar cheese into my guac until now. Epic! One of my favorite guacamole recipes ever.

Bacon Cotija Guacamole – one of my all time favorites from my cookbook!!

Goat Cheese Guacamole – such a fun spin on the traditional guac. The goat cheese gives it a bit of zing and it’s not to be missed!

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  2. Taylor @ Food Faith Fitness

    Wholy Guacamole, there is so much goodness here!
    Lame yes? But, I couldn’t resist.
    I love that you posted 6 versions of the classic! I never know how to mix it up and the traditional guac, although awesome, gets a bit boring sometimes!

  3. Maria

    Love guacamole too! Looking for your goat cheese guacamole recipe but the link isn’t working.

  4. Emily @ Life on Food

    Three cheers for guacamole! This is my favorite dip. My husband and I always fight over the last bit. I win!

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  6. rachel

    I will take a bowl of each, please and thank you! They all look delicious, Gaby! Hope all is well <3

  7. Serena | Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch

    Oh my goodness I’m not alone in my love of all things guacamole or avocados! I must say this is the best guacamole round up I’ve ever seen!

  8. Heather Christo

    gotta love a guac roundup!! they ll look absolutely awesome. Hope you are adjusting to being back from such a crazy trip!

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