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Traveling is in my blood. I live for an adventure and I love eating my way through the world. These past few years have been filled with all kinds of epic travel adventures so today we’re rounding up some of the best gifts for the traveler on your list! I asked a few of my travel savvy friends what’s in their carryon and together we’ve got you covered!


1 - Jamie from Ann Street Studio is one of my favorite travel companions. She’s always up for an adventure and a Pisco Sour and is also, hands down, the best dressed on any trip!! She swears by these Bose noise canceling headphones are a MUST. “We never travel without them. I sleep with them on too on planes because they work so well”

2- I’m all about being mobile, so a great cross body bag that you can take into town, use on a hike or bring out to dinner is mandatory!

3- And what else do you put in that super cute cross body bag than a passport cover! I check on my passport approximately 23489 times a day just to make sure I didn’t lose it - so this sparkly case is perfect because it’s easy for me to find in my bag and carry on with my travels!

4- Will Leather Goods makes the most amazing backpacks of all times - mine has trekked all over Africa, South America and Europe with me and I plan on taking it all across the world!

5 - Belen (who is the social media guru for LAN Airlines and TAM airlines) says she doesn’t ever travel without her clarisonic! The only part I don’t love about travel is how dehydrated my skin becomes after a lot of hours on an airplane. The Clarisonic brush gives me face an instant glow, and of course, it comes with a great travel case. 

6 - Another must from Jamie is a Cashmere scarf! Or any soft solid simple scarf so you can cover up with it, use it as a pillow on the plane and then rock when you get off the flight and you look super chic with it wrapped around your neck and pop on a lip.

7 - Another must have for Belen is this Tempur Pedic Neck Pillow!If I know I’m flying for more than five hours, I don’t dare leave the house without it. I once forgot it at home and purchased the blow-up version at the airport, and it was definitely not the same thing. Of course, I don’t need it if I’m flying on our Premium Business class, but if I know I am flying Economy, this guarantees a good night sleep. My secret is to use it backwards (I rest my chin on the closed part of the horseshoe).

8- Kevin from Ann Street Studio isn’t leaving home without a splitter! “if you travel with someone and watch shows together - this is a must”. I've tried so many splitters and this one works. Not as sexy as Jamie’s cashmere scarf but....

9- My partner in crime for everything including travel, Matt Armendariz says it’s all about this Anker Astro E5 16000mAh External Battery Charger. “Tweeting from the Amazon, a train ride through the Australian Outback, or high above the canopy in Costa Rica, we are always on our phones! And until battery life matches our sense of adventure, I never leave home without 2 or 3 of these. You get 5 to 6 charges per device and always have power at your fingertips. It also makes me the most popular guy on long excursions. I don't mind, really!”

10 - And last but certainly not least comes from Cynthia who is quite possibly the most amazing jetsetter of all times (and the editor at Jaunted!!) as she is always on an incredible adventure!! She’s currently obsessed with this hammock! “After our Brazil adventure earlier this year, I spotted an image on Instagram that immediately reached into my heart and locked on some inner ambitions for heartland explorations this image. What was this sorcery? I only spotted the image because it was taken in a corner of a forest in my Ohio hometown, which is pretty sparse when it comes to Instagrammable locations. I wanted that hammock. I wanted to be their friend. I wanted to BE IN THAT MOMENT.


  1. I heard you say you will never go on a plane without a face mask. What face mask do you travel with?

  2. I've been obsessing over and looking for the sunglasses you wore in Napa. Please tell me who or where I can find them. Cheers!

  3. And I have no idea why my phone felt the need to put so many Dublin's in that first comment.

  4. I love these ideas, Gaby!! We're planning a Dublin-Dublin-Dublin-Kenya-Boston trip this Spring and have some looong flights ahead. I think it's time to make some upgrades!

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