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I am so glad you'd like to keep receiving my emails. If you have not been getting them make sure to check your spam folders. We are constantly coming out with super helpful ad free guides to make life in the kitchen that much better.

XOXO- Gaby


  1. I love you Gaby! I have all your cookbooks. I am just not good at my emails! Lol
    Please keep sending them. I am a hospice nurse and so busy but I will read them on my time off!

  2. Yes I still want to receive your emails- they were going to my junk mail folder for some reason.

    Thank you
    Mark Crull

  3. I DO INDEED open your emails. I love your recipes. The times that I dont.....I either don't care for the recipe or I was ill and my box got too many

  4. Your emails were going to my Clutter...sorry, and yes, i do enjoy your emails,,,,stay healthy and bright...Henry

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