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Meet the WGC Team! 

Matt Armendariz –  Although it was a 20-year career as a graphic designer, art and creative director within the specialty foods world where he got his start, it was the photographic process that energized, thrilled, and motivated him enough to trade in his cubicle for a camera. Now as a photographer, Matt loves capturing the moment and story of food for a variety of editorial and advertising clients as well as various cookbook publishers and publications.

Adam Pearson – is a professional food fluffer as he likes to call it. He’s the most incredible food stylist in the biz, and can drizzle and dollop until the cows come home. He loves a spa, makes a killer Bo Ssam and makes all the food you see here on What’s Gaby Cooking extra beautiful.

Thomas Dawson –  Thomas is a savant. He has an incredible knack for diving right in and gunning challenges down until there are none. I’ve seen him code it himself, pump out the copy and get it done. I’ve also seen him work with a team, his favorite thing to do. Thomas appreciates a group think environment, is never short of ideas or enthusiasm and literally is an asset to any project, anytime, anywhere. He’s in charge of all the tech and video content here on WGC and is also chief taste tester!!

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  1. Thank you for your Maine suggestions! My husband is still obsessing over Tandem coffee in Portland! Trying to figure out how to replicate the malt ice coffee. Any ideas?


    P.S. happy to share our Camden and Bar Harbor treasures if you head further north on upside next visit .

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