Avocado Mushroom Toast

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People always ask me if I want to open a restaurant and I never really know how to answer them. Some days I’m not interested at all. Other times I think having a cute little breakfast/lunch café would be the sweetest thing on the planet. And I would only serve grilled cheese, various kinds of panini’s and artisan toast! In fact, this Avocado Mushroom Toast would be on the menu for sure!

Avocado Mushroom Toast

Right? Wouldn’t that be fun? Everyone could come hang out with me for breakfast, coffee, lunch and eat some really awesome food. There could be an entire toast bar where you get to create your own artisan toast, kinda like chipotle, but for toast! Genius. It’s happening.

Avocado Mushroom Toast would most definitely be a best seller. I mean, who wouldn’t want an open faced sandwich that’s light toasted, topped with fanned avocado, piled high with caramelized mushrooms, sprinkled with aged cheese and then finished with a few micro greens. Sounds like a winner to me!

Avocado Mushroom Toast

So until my cute little toast café opens, let’s all just make these at home more often and enjoy it in the comfort of our couch!

Check out the full Avocado Mushroom Toast recipe over on The Mushroom Channel!


  1. What a GREAT website! I just discovered it 10 minutes ago but I’m already HOOKED! All these wonderful recipes. Today is a good day.

  2. An artisan toast cafe! That sounds amazing! I always get asked the same thing (I think it must be a common question for food bloggers) and I always reply that I’d like a little bar or cafe. Such a big leap from food blogging to actual hospitality though! This recipe looks divine. LOVE mushrooms! xx

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