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Gaby’s Guide to Portland, OR

Portland is one of my favorite cities and it’s taking me YEARS to put together this guide. We’ve been almost 2 dozen times. My sister went to school there, one of my best friends lives there and it’s one of the best food cities ever! So without further ado…

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Gaby’s Guide to Nashville, TN

Gaby’s Guide to Nashville is here!! It was the last official stop on my book tour but I was SO obsessed with the food, the people, the city and the hotel, I’m bringing it to you today because I just can’t wait!

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Gaby’s Guide to Los Angeles, CA

Gaby’s Guide to Los Angeles got a facelift! Oh man was this tough. It was like picking my favorite children… but I’ve finally narrowed it down to my favorite restaurants of the moment!

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Gaby’s Guide to NYC

I’m a California girl through and through, but I LOVE a week in NYC. The energy, the food, the hotels, it’s the best! After tons of research here are my all time favorite places to eat / drink / stay!

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Surprise Vacation 2017 // Solved

It’s my most favorite day of the year behind my birthday!!! Surprise vacation has officially started and my dad is here for his annual guest post to break it down… take it away dad!

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Gaby's Guide to Mykonos from (@whatsgabycookin)

Gaby’s Guide to Mykonos

Last installment of my guides to Greece is ready to roll…. let’s go to Mykonos! Everything you need to know from hotels to restaurants to beach clubs and anything in between!

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Gaby’s Guide to Santorini

If Santorini isn’t already on your bucket list, PUT IT ON THERE NOW. It’s the perfect romantic getaway with incredible food, hotels, views and more!

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Gaby's Guide to Athens

Gaby’s Guide to Athens

It’s here!! My Athens city guide including where to stay, what to eat, where you absolutely HAVE to go and more! Grab all the details and suggested itinerary here!

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