Mexico City Inspired Happy Hour

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Guys - buckle up. This Mexico City Inspired Happy Hour Menu is going to rock your world.

Mexico City Inspired Happy Hour Menu from (@whatsgabycookin)


So remember when Thomas and I went to Mexico city 18 months ago?! It was GLORIOUS. All the food, the drinks, the culture, the vibes... everything was amazing and we had the best time. Now that the world is opening back up and dinner parties and happy hours are once again on everyones agenda, we made you the most incredible Mexico City inspired Happy Hour menu!!

Mexico City Inspired Happy Hour Menu from (@whatsgabycookin)

So here's the deal - if you're having some friends over for drinks and nibbles, this is probably going to be your new all-star menu. We've got a crazy amazing cocktail, homemade Chicken Taquitos, a Crispy Cheesy Quesadilla, and two kinds of homemade salsas that will rock your world. It's simple but impressive. The Crispy Cheesy Quesadilla are basically inside out so the crispy warm cheese hits your tongue before anything else and will basically blow your mind. So without further ado... let's get into the menu! And if you haven't been to Mexico City yet... put it on your bucket list because it's wildly special. (our full itinerary is here along with some of our fav tour guides)!

Let's start at the beginning: first up is a cocktail called El Sueno! It's tequila based with some orange juice, lime juice and vanilla. Don't skimp on the vanilla - it makes it crazy special and just a little bit different that your usual tequila drink.

Mexico City Inspired Happy Hour Menu from (@whatsgabycookin)

Next up, Chicken Taquitos. Remember the ones you used to buy (or maybe you still do!) from the freezer section and reheat in the oven. These are those... but waaaaay better.

Mexico City Inspired Happy Hour Menu from (@whatsgabycookin)

We're adding those inside out quesadillas to the mix because holy moly they are amazing. The crispy cheesy crust is out of this freaking world.

Mexico City Inspired Happy Hour Menu from (@whatsgabycookin)

And then to round out this happy hour menu we have 2 salsas. Both are to die for. Make double batches and keep them in the freezer! You'll be obsessed.

Truly perfection! You guys will be obsessed! Recipes are all linked above + below!

  • To Start: El Sueno Cocktails - the recipe makes enough for 2 drinks. But it's easily scalable depending on how many you need to serve. Also you can make this ahead of time and store in a pitcher. Just add ice into a glass and pour in. ** don't add ice into the pitcher if you prep ahead as it will water down the taste**
  • Next up: Chicken Taquitos! One of my fav quick and easy snacks ever. And puts the store bought ones to shame!
  • Crispy Cheese Quesadillas are basically inside out quesadillas with marinated caramelized mushrooms and OMG they are fantastic.
  • We're rounding out the happy hour menu with a Traditional Salsa and a Roasted Hot Salsa! Both are freaking phenomenal!


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