Podcast S1 E16: Changing Careers, Making Paella, Shallots + Onions and PORK!

Come hang as we chat about making the change into a culinary career, how to make paella with frozen shrimp, the different between shallots + garlic and the keys to not crying while chopping either and 1924182093 billion ways to use ground pork!  

Recipes linked in the episode:

Ask Gaby
Sea Food Paella
Vegetarian Paella
Spicy Beef Larb with Coconut Rice
Asian Pork Meatball Bowls
Perfect Italian Meatballs
Korean Meatball Rice Bowls
Ragù alla Bolognese Recipe
Spicy Bacon Fried Rice
Seed and Mill Tahini  
Cookbook: Eat What You Want


  1. HI Gaby. Loved listening to this podcast. It's crazy that I just discovered you! Let me just say WOW! Long story short I have always dreamed of doing exactly what you are doing with your food career. The last few years have been a challenge while losing my spouse to cancer and raising two children so my dreams were put on hold. Now I have been furloughed as of this Friday!!! LOL! I am thinking this is the time. My kids are older and I have some time on my hands and some savings. Now time for getting to the point. LOL! Where do you suggest that I begin. I am organizing my recipes and thinking of creating a blog or a you tube cooking show, and considering live cooking on facebook. Any suggestions? Honestly I MUST make a career change for my sanity and to finally do something that makes me happy. I am potentially looking to become a private chef as well for future income. So another question....what is the difference between a personal chef and a private chef? Unless it's 80 degrees and sunny this weekend I see myself diving into your blog and watching your Instagram. I would appreciate any advise and if you have a chance please take a look at my Instagram @suzannebuonoo to see some of my food pics. I have just started so more to come but in my group of friends I am the go to for a things food. I feel like I could go on and on asking you questions but I'll leave this for now. I know in my gut I can do this!

  2. Gaby - I just want you to know that you are Fabulous. So glad that I come across your Instagram page.

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