Problematic Ovens, How to Clean Produce and Airfryers?!?!

Podcast Season 1 Episode 19:

Come hang for another 20 minute episode where we break it all down including what to do with leftover cabbage after you make tacos, how to fix your oven temp, the pros and cons of airfryers and how to clean produce in the days of COVID.  

Recipes linked in the episode:

Fish Taco Bowls
Chipotle Salmon Tacos
Rice Noodle Salad with Steak
Sesame Noodle Salad
Asian Chicken Slaw
BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Loaded Falafel Salad
Oven thermometer
Cookbook: Eat What You Want 
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  1. Gaby can you tell me what vegetables I can have out of the frige? i am from Mexico City and there we could leave a lot of things outside but now I live in San Antonio Tx and I am afraid to leave food outside Thanks for your great recipes I have been cooking alot love you mexican salad with corn and quinoa the best

  2. Love your quarantine podcast. I’ll be sorry if they end as they make dog walking so much more fun. Anyway, for what it’s worth,I have 2 Thermador electric wall ovens that have performed perfectly for about 20 years. I love these ovens & they cook beautifully day in & day out. No temp variation ever. Never a service call. Highly recommend. Additionally; I am also a Frog Hollow fan & you should try their Meyer lemon is amazing. Also the peaches when they come later in season. Have you ever been to Chino’s when in San Diego? That is a produce treat for sure. Congrats on new house & thanks for all your great recipes & entertainment!

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