Podcast S1 E18: How I Develop Recipes, The Best Recipes to Make for a New College Student, Do You Need a Cast Iron Skillet and MORE TEQUILA!

Come hang for another 20 minute episode where we break it all down include why you should have a cast iron skillet, which recipes would make the most sense for a new college student, how I develop recipes and gasp…. gold tequila!  

Recipes linked in the episode:

WGC Culinary School
Grilled Rib Eye Steak with Parrano Herb Compound Butter
Lemon Roasted Spatchcock Chicken
Bowls Category Page
Petite Vegetable Frittatas
Breakfast Burritos
Everything It Takes To Write a Blog Post
Cookbook: Eat What You Want


  1. Do you have a place where you are storing all of the names of the businesses you are featuring? I am usually walking when I listen and by the time I get home I forget the name you mentioned. I can go back and listen to each one again, but a link in the show notes or a list on your blog would be awesome! Love the show, thanks for helping us all cook through the quarantine.

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