2023 Gift Guides

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2023 Gift Guides are here! We’ve got 10+ different gift guides for everyone in your life! Truly a little something for everyone including 2 lists curated by Thomas for the men in your life!

For Her

Some of my favorite things

Gift Guide for Her


Grey Pullover and Joggers Lounge Set: obsessed with loungewear

Cashmere Oversized Crewneck Sweater: this is def a splurge but I've been eyeing it and it's on sale so felt the need to share!

Theragun Mini: my favorite thing I own! Great for anyone who works out a ton.

Gold Curb Chain Necklace: an insane splurge but chic AF

Clare V. Crossbody: best cross body bag!

Black Cuyana Tote Bag: the best travel tote.

Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses: you see these on me all the time! Love them.

Clare V. Zip Wallet: chicest wallet around.

Cashmere Half Zip Sweater: another amazing sweater that's on sale.

Prada Aviator Sunglasses: my other fav pair of sunglasses.

Clare V. Grande Fanny: for your loved one that loves to travel and needs a fanny.

Black Cuyana Leather Backpack: I've had this for 5 years and it will never go out of style.

Maya Brenner Gold Mini Letter Necklace: The most lovely gift of all times.

Kite Chain Necklace: chic, expensive, and I hope one day to own it. LOL

Spa & Self Care

Because we all deserve a little relaxing self care night at home

Spa & Self Care Gift Guide

Osea Hydrating Oil: I put this on nightly with my moisturizer and I love how my skin feels when I wake up.

Osea Hyaluronic Sea Serum: Keeps me fresh AF.

Westman Atelier Highlighter Stick: Combo this and the one below for the ultimate glow.

Westman Atelier Cream Highlighter Stick: See above.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Eau de Parfum: the perfume that Matt picked out for me years ago and I still rock daily. It's like summer in a bottle and I wear it daily.

SIDIA The Body Exfoliant: OBSESSED with this stuff. Makes me so soft.

SIDIA The Body Serum: Follow up the exfoliant with the Serum. Trust me.

SIDIA The Hand Serum: This lives next to my bed and I can't get enough.

ILIA Liquid Powder Eye Shadow Tint: Geri introduced me to this line a year ago and I've never looked back.

Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser: If you're buying for someone obsessed with clean, this is the best cleanser.

The Great Robe: best robe!

Osea Gigartina Therapy Bath: for your bath babes.

Advanced Protection Cream: moisturizer of our dreams in this fam.

Skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Under-Eye Masks: the best under-eye masks

Ugg Knit Slippers: These are my form of self care!

T3 1-inch Curling Iron: for everyone who asks how I do my hair, this is it.

Osea Cleansing Mudd Mask: my fav once a week mask.

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Soap: We have this throughout our house and love it.


My absolute favs and what I wear 95% of the time on IG live every Monday night

Capelet & Sweatpant Travel Set: I've been eyeing this for a year.

Sherpa Pullover: any half-zip is very on brand IMO.

Canyon Insulated Vest: I think I might adopt the vest trend this year.

Long-Sleeve Feather Tee: if you're not into tight AF clothing (I am not) you need this long sleeve.

Cozy Sherpa Jacket: Obsessed

Performance Jogger: best joggers / best material / so comfortable

Rib Studio Legging: new favorites

The Wide Leg Cropped Sweatpant: I'm obsessed with these pants.

Nike Air Max 270: shoes of my dreams and great to wear for any walks / errand running. Not really workout shoes though.

Nike Dunk Low Twist: These are everything and I basically only wear these sneaks when I'm going to a casual meeting or dinner.

Nike Free Metcon 5: - These are my workout shoes of choice!!

Black Knit Pullover: a great everyday pullover.


Hostess Gifts

Some fun and unique gifts to treat any hostess with over the holidays

Dalkin & Co Spices: Best stuff on earth.

Aesop Soap: my favorite soap

Trudon Classic Candle: one of my fav scents

The Last Crumb Cookie Box: this is an epic gift if you can get your hands on it.

Marble Coasters: How cute are these and a little bit different!

Le Creuset Dutch Oven: would be the nicest hostess gift of all times.

Jacques Chocolate Chip Cookies: cookies are always the right answer

Tea Brewing Set: for anyone obsessed with tea!

Loose-Leaf Tea Set: see above.

Honey Gift Set: this is such a fun hostess gift!

Wood Serving Board with Cheese Knives: if you know someone who loves a cheese board, this is it.

Cocktail Shaker Set: bought this for Thomas last year!

Etched Coupe Glass: chicccccc

Maison Francis Kurkdjian À la Rose Candle: another beautiful scent.

Brightland Olive Oil Vinegar and Honey Set: great colorful gift for someone who loves to spend time cooking.

Robes & Cozies

I live for a good robe or a cozy sweatshirt and these are some of my favorites

Robes & Cozies Gift Guide

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Robe: perhaps the softest robe known to man. Feels like a blanket

Marled Sock: If you're into the socks and slippers look, these are cute and you need them.

Ultra Mini UGG Boots: Buying myself these this year!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket: the best snuggle blanket ever.

Navy Silk Sleep Mask: Thomas and I both swear by these.

Knit Bootie Slipper: How cute is this slip!

Barefoot Dreams Socks: Blankets in the form of socks - genius.

The Great Sweatshirt Robe: My favorite robe of all times.

Navy Pajama Set: Great jammies

UGG Cozy Knit Shearling Slippers: More slippers because you need at least 2 pairs.

Navy Sweatshirt: My favorite sweatshirt of all times. Period.

Cotton Terry Robe: Love this one! Great fabric too.

For Him

Thomas’s favorites from hoodies to skincare

Tactical Short: Last year I ditched all my Nike shorts for these guys. The tactical short (5-inch inseam) is where it's at and has been the only short I rock for my workouts. Durable, lightweight, minimalist in design (that was my problem with the nike shorts, way to crazy design wise for me.)

Nike Shoes: With that being said, Nike is still king of the kicks and these shoes are the ultimate trainer. I have always been a big fan of the Metcons but they were not great for mobility, jogging, or HIIT workouts. They were a purely lifting shoe. The Nike Free Metcons solve that problem. These are a great all around gym shoe.

TRX Training System: If you are tight on space but looking for a full body workout solution, I highly suggest these. It was the first piece of equipment I bought for our home gym and I use it all the time. The workouts are endless and they are super versatile.

Crewneck Tees: This was on the last year and it is back on the list again this year. It is the only T-shirt I have worn outside the gym. The fit is perfect and the colors are on point. I have not been able to find a better tee.

Clay Pomade: I have been using this stuff for the past 3 years now. It's a matte finish that gives you the perfectly messy done look without all the spikes and shine. Branding is on point with this one as well!

Yon-Ka Mens Foaming Scrub: Face scrub with those little beads to exfoliate. Poppy appreciates my tight pores.

Yon-Ka Mens Hydrating Face Moisturizer: What is batman without robin? This is the robin to my face scrub and I use it ever night. This is the pre bedtime cream that keeps my skin looking less like a leather saddle bag and more like Poppy's face. A little work now goes a long way later.

Slim Fit Jeans: Finally found a new pair of jeans that I love. Slim fit, stretchy material, comes in a million different colors. Paige crushed these! I am a big fan of the light blue faded look.

Storage Containers with Lids: You know you are dad when storage options get you excited. Tell you what though, these storage bins that come in a handful of different sizes are legit! They all live up in the attic right now but one day when I have a garage I am going to get that rack that hangs from the roof that holds these bins. Time to get organized AF.

Wave Solo Vibration Therapy Ball: You know you are getting old when you wake up sore AF for like a month straight. I still feel young and I hit the gym with the same focus and intensity as someone in their 20s but my recovery is just not the same. After dealing with a crazy sore back for two months it was time to step up my recovery a notch. Enter the Wave Solo. It's like vibrating softball. Anyone who has done any deep tissue and rolling work with a lacrosse ball knows how effective that can be. Now, level that up a notch with vibration and say good by to those sore spots that have felt impossible to hit. | Available at AmazonTherabodyTarget, & Best Buy

TheraCup Portable Cupping Tool: Because I wanted to go all in on my soreness, I also got a couple TheraCups. I have never cupped before but had always been interested. It's pretty amazing how easy these are to use and I have worked them into my weekly recovery program anytime anything is sore. Usually like 15-20 min 3x a week. It gets the circulation going in sore spots and helps disrupt any stagnation. Bonus points for the badges of honor it gives you post cupping session. | Available at Amazon & Therabody

Slant Board: Who here as ever had sore knees? For years my knees hurt when I would squat or lunge with any weight. This soreness worked into my back and really got in my way of making progress in the gym. Enter the slant board. There are a million different ways to stretch and workout on this thing while building stronger knees, tibs, ankles, and hamstrings. Now my pain has gone away and my twigs for legs are starting to grow into beautiful oak trees. You can read all about the various workouts and stretches from knees over toes guy.

For the Toddler

Some of our favorite toys that would make perfect gifts for any toddler

Wooden Kids Dollhouse: literally just founding up the things I'm eyeing for Poppy this year! Here we go - we're very into dolls

Pink Butterfly Twirl Dress with Wings: If you've got a little one that loves dress up, you need this.

Wooden Birthday Cake: We're super into singing happy birthday in this household.

Wooden Pasta Playset: Teaching her young

Princess Castle Magna-Tiles Structure Set: Adding these to the bunch. We spend a solid 45 mintues a day building towers.

Cash Register Playset: So we can practice checking out at the farmers markets.

Kids Wooden Mini Golf Set: Thomas' goal is for Poppy to be a golfer. We're going for it.

Wooden Kids Kitchen Playset: We got this for her last year and its the only kitchen that is 1: cute 2: won't fall over when pulled and 3: doesn't have sharp corners.

Snack Shack Kids Canvas Playhouse: How cute is this!! Need it!

Wooden Kids Art Easel: Upgrading our easel situation for this come Christmas.

Wooden Train And Table Set: This is so rad and I love that it's not on the floor

Wooden Toy Kids Workbench: Another one we got last year - so fun when friends come over to play.

Garden Wheelbarrow Set: Cutest of cute.

Mermaid Sneakers: These are our favorite shoes and we have them in like 3 sizes.

Green Guitar: She's been asking for a guitar since a friends birthday party a few months ago.

Babyccino Maker: ON FREAKING BRAND.

For the Tech Dude

The best of the best tech for your home

Sonos Sub Mini: It's all about the bass and this little guy packs the full punch. I am currently working this into our bedroom to play nicely with our soundbar. The footprint is smaller than the current sub but the design is on point and the sound is great.

Air Tags: Whether you are trying to not lose your luggage, keys, wallet, or child these little trackers give you a solid piece of mind. We traveled to Italy this summer and the second we touched down in Rome I fired up my app to make sure the luggage made the trip across the pond. Everything made it and I was worry free getting off the airplane. 

GoPro Enduro Battery: GoPros are great. Timelapse and Nightlapse are great. You know what is not great? Having to get up 3 times during one night to get an epic nightlapse and sunrise. This all changes with the enduro battery. Finally a long lasting battery from GoPro.

Apple Watch: There is one main reason I use the Apple Watch. If you don't track it you can't measure it. With the apple watch I am able to track my sleep, my steps, my workouts, my heart rate, my calories burned, etc. You get the picture. I have found that I am typically in the best shape when I am closely monitoring and tracking all of these things. If you don't measure anything it's hard to have a basis for knowing if you are making progress or not.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor: For you golf geeks out there who are looking for a little more data on your swing but do not want to drop the 20k for a trackman or GCQuad - this little guy gets it done. It's not perfect but for the price it delivers and will get your distances and club path dialed.

GoPro Hero 12: It had been about 4 years since we upgraded our last GoPro and I tested this one out and it was awesome. Overall higher resolution, more stability, and more flexibility to adjust and save your favorite settings.

8 Sleep Cooling Mattress Pad: My sleep has never been better the past couple months and it's all in thanks to the 8 Sleep Pro Pod Cover. My side of the bed is mega cold while Gaby's is kinda cold. I also no longer need an alarm because I can set the pad to warm my side of the bed to a temperature that wakes me up naturally. 10/10 highly recommend.

For the Coffee Snob

For the person who takes their daily cup of coffee pretty seriously

Coffee Bean Grinder: A good coffee bean grinder is one of the most important parts of making a great cup of coffee. This grinder is our all time fav and has withstood the test of time. It also doesn’t break the bank and has a ton of useful options so you can make anything from an espresso to a french press coffee. | Available at AmazonWilliams Sonoma, & Crate & Barrel

Espresso Machine: Thomas is a coffee / espresso snob and uses our espresso machine multiple times a day. It has all the options you need to customize your shot which is great. It also comes with great features like the visual pressure gauge and the tamp holder. | Available at AmazonWilliams Sonoma, & Crate & Barrel

Coffee Bean Canister: Keeps coffee beans fresh.

Mug: Who doesn't love a good coffee mug?

Tamp Mat: If you already own an espresso machine this is something you probably didn’t know you needed. It protects your counters and gives you a good surface to tamp your coffee.

Espresso Puck Vacuum: Makes emptying espresso pucks from the portafilter a breeze. | Available at Crate & BarrelWilliams Sonoma

Digital Scale: This is great for weighing ground coffee or the yield of your espresso shot.

Keep Cup: A great reusable glass coffee cup where 1% of all revenue is donated to protect the environment.

Handheld Milk Frother: Makes the frothiest matcha lattes in no time.

Drip Coffee Scale: This is a great coffee scale that doesn’t break the bank. It gives you weight and time which are the two basics for a great cup of coffee. | Available at Crate & BarrelAmazon & Williams Sonoma

Roseline Coffee Subscription (15% discount with this link or use code WHATSGABYSIPPIN at checkout): There is nothing better than a great cup of coffee and nothing worst that a bad cup of coffee. Fortunatley for us Roseline delivers the goods. Based out Portland Oregon (instant coffee cred) Roseline not only sources some of the best beans on the planet but they roast your coffee to order. That means your beans will not be sitting in a warehouse for 6 months losing their flavor. You buy a bag or a subscription from them and you can ensure your coffee will be Fresh AF when it arrives on your door step.

Variable Temperature Electric Kettle: This electric kettle lets you select the temperature you want to heat your water to so you get the perfect temp for your cup of green tea, black tea, or even french press. | Available at AmazonWilliams Sonoma, & Crate & Barrel

French Press: This is the best french press. | Available at Amazon & Crate & Barrel

Electric Pour Over Kettle: A good gooseneck kettle is key to an amazing pour over. | Available at Crate & Barrel, AmazonNordstrom & Williams Sonoma

Pour Over Set: The ultimate pour over set.

WDT Tool and Self-Aligning Stand: This little tool eliminates clumps in your coffee grounds and improves the consistency of your espresso shot.

54mm Dosing Cup: This dosing cup fits a 54mm portafilter and lends for an easier and tidier way to weigh ground coffee.

Coffee Tamper: This will change your espresso game and you will never go back to the tamp your machine came with.

Kitchen Tools Under $50

My most used kitchen tools – all the basics

Kitchen Tools Under $50 Gift Guide

Garlic Press: We all know I love it.

Cast Iron Skillet: This big heavy duty skillet is a staple for me. | Available at Crate & Barrel + Amazon 

Glass Tupperware: Say goodbye to all of your other Tupperware these are magical. No matter the size of the container it’s the same size lid so you can always find one without a problem.

Measuring Cups: Gotta have a good set.

Stainless Steel Tongs: An integral tool in the kitchen.

Wooden Spoon: People always get upset when I use a metal spoon in a stainless steel pot, so use these instead.

Wooden Spatula: Ditto to above.

Fish Tweezers: Makes removing pin bones in a fish fillet so easy.

Peeler: A kitchen essential. | Available at Amazon & Crate & Barrel

Grater: The detachable container is a game changer. | Available at Amazon & Crate & Barrel

Bench Press: Favorite kitchen tool for cleaning and transferring food.

Marble Rolling Pin: A great gift for any bakers.

Wooden Salt Cellar: To store ALL the Maldon Sea Salt.

Maldon Salt: It's my favorite salt, and I always have some on hand.

Pizza Scissors: It’s the only way to cut pizza in my book.

Glass Nesting Bowls: They're great prep bowls. | Available at Amazon & Crate & Barrel

Digital Thermometer: Super important so you’re not second guessing if your meat, poultry or fish is fully cooked.

Microplane: Perfect for zesting citrus and grating garlic. | Available at AmazonWilliams Sonoma, & Crate & Barrel


Some of our favorite cookbooks of the year

Take It Easy: | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

Shabbat: | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

Asada: | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

Bake Smart: | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

Eat What You Want: | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

The Simple Art of Rice: | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

Pasta Every Day: | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

Dinner Tonight: | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

Snacking Bakes: | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA

Let's Eat: | Available at Amazon & Now Serving LA


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