BIG NEWS!! A New What’s Gaby Cooking Spice Collection!!!

Woot woot!! Get ready… April is a big month here at What’s Gaby Cooking. My book comes out in just over 2 weeks AND…. drum roll please… I have a new line of spices / rubs that you are going to love!!

So excited you guys. Last year we launched a line of salsas with my friends over at Williams Sonoma and it was basically the highlight of my year!! Today we’re adding to the family! I’m THRILLED that my new line of spice mixtures are ready to roll! They are multi-use seasoning blends that you can use for everything! Literally, everything.

We’ve got a This is Everything – which is my version of the everything bagel seasoning that I’m obsessed with. It’s better than anything else out there because we put some extra special love into developing it!! (read HOURS AND HOURS of testing!)

Gaby’s Go To – which is my go-to seasoning that I use on everything. Literally, you name it. I add it to salad dressing, I use it to season roasted vegetables, I put it on fish, I’ve tossed it into sauces… the works!

All Things Meat – which is the BEST for slathering on steak, adding to burgers, seasoning chicken or pork… you name it! You won’t need anything else ever again and just WAIT until you fire up the grill and use this one. OMG.

You can shop them all right here online and they are available at Williams Sonoma locations NATION WIDE!  I’ll be rolling out recipes featuring these over the next few weeks so hop to it because you are NOT going to want to miss out. AND… one last thing… what I love most about these spices and the line of salsas is that they are all multi-use so you really get all the bang for your buck! Tune in tonight on Insta-live and we’re making something with each of these!!

Photo by Matt Armendariz

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  1. Super excited for you and love your recipes! Wondering if your spices are Gluten Free – Dealing with a Celiac here 🙂 Thanks and best of luck!!!

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