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Gaby’s Guide to Dallas

You guys know I’m all about exploring a city via the food scene. From top to bottom, left to right, I like to cover it all when I’m on the road! My most recent adventure took me to Dallas (somewhere I hadn’t been before – hello gaby’s guide to Dallas!) and I took my job …

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Gaby’s Guide to Los Angeles (Wests...

Going out to eat is serious business. We’ve covered a decent amount of ground when it comes to gaby’s guides to various cities. We have Austin on the map, Santa Barbara, Honolulu, Palm Springs, San Diego, Napa, Dallas is coming next week along with Orcas Islands. Portland is in the works, as is Ojai… but the one …

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Gaby's Guide to Palm Springs : Villa Rental..PG

Gaby’s Guide to Palm Springs

Palm Springs has been our go-to weekend getaway for the past few years! It’s just a 2 hour drive from LA and it’s all sunshine, palm trees and guacamole – and really, what more could you ask for? I’m rounding up my favorite places to eat, drink and stay while in the desert in this …

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Gaby’s Guide to Santa Barbara

I’m having a major love affair with Santa Barbara. Having been 5 times in the last 7 months, I’d say it was high time for my super fab Gaby’s Guide to Santa Barbara including where to eat, stay and what to do! Eat: Scarlett Begonia – without a doubt my favorite place for breakfast! The breakfast …

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Bucket List: New Zealand

We’re just a few days away from the re-designed What’s Gaby Cooking and I’m bringing you yet another new feature a few days early. We’re talking bucket lists!! Here’s the thing about bucket lists – so often people think they are going to break the bank, but the truth is I’m about 15 months away …

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Insta-Trip: Belem, Brazil

I’m excited to be kicking off a new feature here on What’s Gaby Cooking called insta-trip!! My instagram obsession is equal to that of my guacamole obsession so it’s only fitting that it has a place to live on the site! Here’s the deal – sometimes when you’re visiting a new country, market or restaurant …

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Gaby’s Guide to San Diego

Is it criminal that I only live a few hours away from San Diego yet I almost never find myself there? I think so! Luckily I’ve now remedied that and have vowed to return so I can continue my fish taco hunt in the very near future (more on that in a bit!) These past few …

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Amazon Fish Lunch

Adventures in Belém, Brazil

What happens when you get to travel to a remote part of Brazil with 2 of your closest friends? Well, you’re about to find out… Matt, Aida and I set off on TAM Airlines a few weeks back and headed down to Belém, Brazil. It’s situated right on the mouth of the Amazon and it’s …

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Gaby’s Guide to Honolulu

If you asked me to describe my perfect girls getaway it would probably consist of the following…. close friends, a healthy amount of Mai Tai’s, plenty of glowy beach time, a daily dose of poke (marinated ahi tuna) and not a care in the world!! Sounds pretty incredible right? That’s exactly what’s in store for …

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Gaby's Guide to Napa :: Archetype Interior

Gaby’s Guide to Napa

Napa Valley is one of my favorite places in California. It has a little something for everyone… especially if you like food and wine! It’s one of the ultimate destinations for basically all of my favorite things and I’m taking you on Gaby’s guide to Napa Valley today! Where to Stay: • Andaz Napa – …

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Gaby’s Guide to Big Sur

Big Sur is one of the most magical places in California. It’s home to some truly amazing restaurants, a handful of hikes that will kick you into shape and plenty of cute hotels and spas where you can relax! Read on to see my can’t miss stops while visiting Big Sur! I’ve been to Big Sur a …

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Orcas Island

Surprise Vacation: Solved

If you’ve been following along on facebook or instagram, you’ve probably realized that we’re well into Surprise Vacation! We’ve been adventuring around Orcas Island and Canada! Today my Dad is taking over the blog and sharing the answers to all of his insanely weird clues… take it away Dad!! Hello to my beloved puzzlers and clue solvers!!! …

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