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Gaby’s Guide to Gothenburg

What’s Gaby Cooking is almost 6 years old you guys! 6 YEARS! Can you believe it! We’ve worked our way through hundreds of recipes, covered some serious ground when it comes to food travel and have been afforded some epic opportunities to work with awesome companies. Case and point… a few months back I got …

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Gaby's Guide to Copenhagen //

Gaby’s Guide to Copenhagen

Oh Copenhagen, you win! A few weeks back I had 72 hours to cover as much of Copenhagen as humanly possible. My sister and I were on a mission and we planned on leaving no rock unturned. 72 hours, 35 miles of walking and 4 ice cream cones later we were on a plane back to …

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Cusco, Peru

Our last stop on this most recent #onlyinsouthamerica journey was Cusco. We set up shop at another incredible Inkaterra property, La Casona, nestled right in the middle of town. The hotel is an old colonial manor thats been converted into an 11 suite luxury boutique hotel with some of the most delicious food I’ve ever …

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How to do Machu Picchu Like a Pro

Our third stop on this #onlyinsouthamerica adventure planted us right at the base of Machu Picchu at the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel. Whoa. Where do I even start? Between the epic location at the base of one of the wonders of the world, the orchid sanctuary that lives on the premises, the black tea …

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Sacred Valley Peru

The second stop on our Peruvian culinary tour was the Sacred Valley right outside of Cusco in the city of Urubamba. We set up camp at the newly opened Inkaterra (the smartest decision ever) and spent our days exploring their gardens, hanging out all over their glorious property and drinking tea. It was the picture …

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Gaby’s Guide to Lima

Wheels up – lets do this! Those were the thoughts rolling though my head as I took off from Los Angeles to Lima with my best friends Matt + Adam on our LAN airlines flight.   We were hitting the road/air for a Peruvian adventure. This was my 4th #onlyinsouthamerica adventure and I was over the …

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Gaby’s Favorite Food Trucks across America

Gaby’s Favorite Food Trucks

Given the opportunity to eat at a few food trucks or have a gourmet dining experience, I’m almost ALWAYS going to go for the food trucks!! It gives you such a great peek into the cities food culture and it also doesn’t break the bank! I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the country a …

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Gaby's Guide to Zion

Gaby’s Guide to Zion

Gaby’s Guide to Zion – where to eat, where to stay and my favorite hikes! A few weeks back we packed up all our camera gear, the most off-brand and ugly hiking boots and some walking sticks and headed to Utah! My parents and their friends were going on a walking trip through Bryce + …

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Snack Packs

Traveling Snacks

Snack packs for trips are a BIG deal. Especially for me. I mean, let’s just cross our fingers and toes that we don’t wind up at an airport or on an airplane and we’re hungry and tired and delayed. (Perhaps the worst combination of all times). It takes being hangry to a whole new level!! …

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Gaby's Gaby to Orcas Island

Gaby’s Guide to Orcas Island

On my constant quest to bring you the best things to eat/see/do while traveling, today is all about Gaby’s Guide to Orcas Island!! Last summer we headed north for part of our Surprise Vacation! Our first stop on the trip was Orcas Island. I instantly fell in love. From all the friendly faces, to the …

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Pecan Lodge

Gaby’s Guide to Dallas

You guys know I’m all about exploring a city via the food scene. From top to bottom, left to right, I like to cover it all when I’m on the road! My most recent adventure took me to Dallas (somewhere I hadn’t been before – hello gaby’s guide to Dallas!) and I took my job …

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Gaby’s Guide to Los Angeles (Wests...

Going out to eat is serious business. We’ve covered a decent amount of ground when it comes to gaby’s guides to various cities. We have Austin on the map, Santa Barbara, Honolulu, Palm Springs, San Diego, Napa, Dallas is coming next week along with Orcas Islands. Portland is in the works, as is Ojai… but the one …

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