Cookbook Club #27

Hey everybody! Your resident Southerner, living in Rome here, Kristina. This post is a special-to-me Cookbook Club entry. This is the book I wish I had written. Today’s selection is biased. But I would have the same to say even if I didn’t know Nicole personally and consider her a very close friend. So close, […]

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80+ Healthy Dinner Ideas

If you’re looking for some new delicious and healthy dinner ideas to kick off the new year, I’ve got plenty of recipes that are great for a family or just for two. The best part is most of these recipes are also great easy dinner ideas and can be made in 30 minutes. Perfect for […]

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Korean BBQ Dinner Party

Hi Everyone!! Happy Friday. I’m beyond excited to introduce you to Diana Kim!! She’s the mastermind behind this Korean BBQ Dinner Party menu we are about to share. Get ready, these recipes are incredible! Diana has been a part of the What’s Gaby Cooking family for years. She’s Adam’s right hand gal and the woman […]

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45 Delicious Cinco de Mayo Recipes

The most comprehensive Cinco de Mayo menu you could ever ask for! Drinks, appetizers, mains, salads… the whole nine yards! […]

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Chicken Gyro Fries

Quite possible the most flavorful home fries you’ll ever make – these Chicken Gyro Fries are insane! Talk about making a flavorful dish – these Chicken Gyro Fries are truly the definition of flavorful. The fries themselves are loaded with garlic and herbs. That alone would be delish. Add to that some feta and tzatziki… […]

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35 Things to Make with Canned Beans

Let’s get right into it. Making a meal out of canned beans is incredibly useful, especially when we’re doing a lot of cooking out of the pantry. So in honor of the occasion, below you’ll find 35 recipes to make with a can of beans!! We’re got all sorts of flavors going on but a […]

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Easter Brunch Menu

Prepare yourself for the Easter Brunch menu of your dreams! Easter is just days away and I’m ready to eat all the things!! […]

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Gaby’s Guide to NYC

I’m a California girl through and through, but I LOVE a week in NYC. The energy, the food, the hotels, it’s the best! After tons of research here are my all time favorite places to eat / drink / stay! […]

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80 Best Chicken Recipes

It’s hard figuring out what’s for dinner every night, but these chicken recipes are all sure to be crowd pleasers. There’s something for everyone here, from chicken breast recipes to chicken thigh recipes to 7 different spins on chicken parmesan. Whether you’re looking for an easy, quick, or healthy dinner recipe that can feed your […]

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Caramelized Onion Pizza with Prosciutto

Oh man friends… prepare yourselves for this Caramelized Onion Pizza with Prosciutto! It’s my new jam and you will LOVE the flavor combos! Life is just better with caramelized onions! They amplify everything and I’ll never stop making them on a weekly basis to add to various recipes. This Caramelized Onion Pizza with Sage, Grapes […]

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70 Easy Desserts

I’m all about easy dessert recipes that you can whip up at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re making something for a dinner party, a school bake sale, or you just want to bake a few chocolate chip cookies after dinner, there’s something here for everyone. From all the chocolate desserts you could dream of to […]

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Lemon Poppyseed Loaf with Yogurt Glaze

Big day today guys – I don’t have any Poppyseed recipes on WGC and my daughter is named Poppy… it was time to fix it! Lemon Poppyseed Loaf with Yogurt Glaze coming in hot for Feb!  I live for a loaf. Cake – meh, it’s fine. Cupcakes – absolutely not. But a loaf… sign me […]

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Baby Food 101

Here it is guys!! I’ve been working on a Baby Food 101 post for quite some time now and it’s here! I’ve got tips and tricks that I’ve gathered from pediatricians, tons of simple puree recipes, all the tools and appliances we used to get Poppy started on solids, WGC adaptable recipes for babies and […]

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