26 Best Cookie Recipes

It was a tough job but someone had to do it - the best cookie recipes I've ever had the pleasure of making, eating and gifting. Everything from Chocolate Chip Cookies, to Sugar Cookies, to Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Plus, adding in a few of my favorite places to order cookies from for when you [...]

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Homemade S'more Pizookie Recipe

A Pizookie, for those of you who haven’t yet gotten to enjoy the most important development in baking since birthday cake, is a giant cookie in the shape of a pizza. And after much testing (it’s a tough job, I know), we have arrived. And it’s perfect. The What's Gaby Cooking Facebook group is one [...]

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WGC Sweatshirts!!

It might still be 100000 billion degrees in LA but guess what - we launched a limited time offer of WGC Sweatshirts! Cacio e Pepe, Super Burritos, & Chocolate Chip Cookies are pretty much the starter pack when it comes to all things WGC, so it only made sense for it to be the design [...]

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20 Best Breakfast Ideas for Back to School

We all know how busy mornings can get. And for those of you with kids, back to school season somehow gets even more hectic with trying to get everyone out the door on time. So to make life a little easier, I compiled the 20 Best Breakfast Ideas for Back to School that you can [...]

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20 Best Homemade Ice Cream Desserts

Is there anything better than an ice-cold dessert in the heat of summer? NOPE. It's the best way to end the night. So in honor of that here are 20 of our favorite homemade ice cream desserts for your next dinner party! HOMEMADE ICE CREAM: No Churn Blueberry Mascarpone Ice Cream - A super easy [...]

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Cookie Icebox Cake

We're celebrating National Chocolate Chip Cookie day in style with this epic Cookie Icebox Cake! I've posted an icebox cake before here on WGC because it's very near and dear to my heart. My best friend Emily used to get one of these every year for her birthday. It was without a doubt one of [...]

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Gaby's Guide to Newport Beach

Orange County is a quick weekend trip from LA and ever since one of my best friends left me high and dry in LA, I've been going down to visit on frequent occasions! Here's my guide to Newport Beach: COFFEE + BREAKFAST + BRUNCH: Neat Coffee - A super cute laidback neighborhood coffee shop with [...]

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Easy Homemade Frozen Yogurt

You know those days when it’s truly too hot to even eat a cookie but you still want dessert…. Homemade Frozen Yogurt is the answer!!  We’ve had a few of those days mentioned above in the last few weeks and it’s only mid-June. I’m semi-terrified for what the rest of summer looks like but we [...]

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Homemade Oat Milk

I've been on an oat milk kick for a while now. You'll see it in my smoothies, in my matcha lattes, in my oatmeal etc... so how about a homemade oat milk recipe so you can make it at home anytime you need a refill! Homemade Oat Milk couldn't be easier! Similar to making a [...]

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Gaby's Guide to NYC

I'm a California girl through and through, but I LOVE a week in NYC. The energy, the food, the hotels, it's the best! After tons of research here are my all time favorite places to eat / drink / stay! [...]

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How to make a Pizookie

For those days when all you need is a cookie in the form of a pizza... I give you the Pizookie! A GIANT homemade chocolate chip cookie baked in a skillet - it's my idea of perfection and I know you'll be obsessed. [...]

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70 Easy Desserts

I'm all about easy dessert recipes that you can whip up at a moment's notice. Whether you're making something for a dinner party, a school bake sale, or you just want to bake a few chocolate chip cookies after dinner, there's something here for everyone. From all the chocolate desserts you could dream of to [...]

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Browned Butter Thick and Chewy Crispy Rice Treats

Here’s the deal… we all love a traditional Crispy Rice Treat right? But what if we upped the ante a bit, used browned butter, upped the marshmallow ratio and finished it with flaky salt? Game over right? Browned Butter Thick and Chewy Crispy Rice Treats are coming in HOT. It’s holiday season and you know [...]

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What's Gaby Cooking Master List

The What's Gaby Cooking Master List got an update! Over the last few year or so I have been collecting all the questions I get on a regular basis - from insta, from the blog, from meeting you guys in person, from our secret FB group, from emails... you name it! I've been writing them down and now everything lives in one place! [...]

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Scones

The most perfectly moist Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Scones are coming to your kitchen! I live for a scone. I've been obsessed ever since my first trip to England 20+ years ago when my mom, dad, sister and I would eat them for breakfast and afternoon tea. These Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Scones are the perfect treat [...]

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Gaby's Guide to Maine

Wow - it's been a minute since we were able to do a travel guide!! But we're back! So let's kick things off with a guide to Maine! Our trip to Maine was DELISH. We consumed approx 10 lobster rolls within 4 days, a few dozen oysters, countless cocktails and many other incredible bites. It [...]

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Caramel Drenched Flourless Chocolate Cake

Today is the day!! My most favorite day of the year - it's my birthday 🙂 And I'm celebrating with this Caramel Drenched Flourless Chocolate Cake. DUH! [...]

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16 Desserts for Valentine's Day

I’m knee deep in butter and sugar. There are brownies to be made, cookies to be decorated and cheesecake bars to send out /drop off for Valentine’s Day gifts for friends. So 16 Desserts for Valentine's Day...here we go….. [...]

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We're Pregnant!! (our whole fertility journey thus far UPDATED)

In case you missed it - we're pregnant!! You know what they say... 6th time is a charm 🙂 It's been a wild ride to get here and we're so excited / cautiously optimistic considering the path we had to get here. All that said, I was inundated with questions about everything so I wanted [...]

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Dad's Roasted Cornish Hens

My dad makes a MEAN Cornish Hen! Like truly the best! So I bribed him with cookies to spill the beans on his tried and true methods! Papa Dalkin's Roasted Cornish Hens coming in hot today! So back in the day, when we still lived at home and didn't have to pay our own bills, [...]

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Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad

Shredded Brussels Sprouts Salad! A little something healthy to keep us in balance this holiday season because I have been AGGRESSIVE when it comes to the cookie dough in my fridge recently.... [...]

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Crinkle Top Brownie Bites

These crackly crinkle top brownies are super moist, uber chocolatey and the perfect size to pop in your mouth for a quick treat! Why I Love This Recipe My love for a good brownie runs deep. It's seriously one of my favorite sweets to make... right up there with chocolate chip cookies! These crinkle top [...]

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Podcast S1 E1: Mean People, Garlic, All Things Salt Plus Where We Can Find Meat

Finally getting into why the prepped garlic isn't the best bet plus the nitty gritty of different salts and why everyone should be sharing recipes right now!   Recipes mentioned in this podcast: Baked Pita ChipsThe Best Chocolate Chip Cookies [...]

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22 Recipes To Bake With Kids

Coming in hot with 22 recipes to bake with your kids now that schools are closed and kids are home ALL DAY LONG!! Chocolate Chip Muffins Homemade Naan Caramel Brownies Snickerdoodle Cookies Dad's Kitchen Sink Cookies Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies Double Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread Savory Cheese and Scallion Scones Everything Pretzel Dogs Chocolate Chip [...]

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Peppermint Oreo Truffles

If you love an Oreo - these Peppermint Oreo Truffles are about to be your JAM! 3 ingredients and you're in business! Why I Love This Recipe I know it's a bold statement, but I think these Peppermint Oreo Truffles may just be better than slutty brownies. I know. It’s crazy. But they will literally [...]

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