Grilled Korean Chicken Skewers

I’ve cracked the code on chicken skewers for this summer and you’re going to want to get on board! Say hello to these Grilled Korean Chicken Skewers! [...]

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Chicken Skewers with Cilantro Mint Sauce

Bringing back a few recipes inspired by Greece over the next few weeks and these Chicken Skewers with Cilantro Mint Sauce are up first! [...]

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Yogurt Marinated Grilled Chicken Skewers

It’s time to tackle the most amazing chicken skewers EVER.... these are them and then you slather them with Tzatziki and life will forever be changed. [...]

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80 Best Chicken Recipes

It's hard figuring out what's for dinner every night, but these chicken recipes are all sure to be crowd pleasers. There's something for everyone here, from chicken breast recipes to chicken thigh recipes to 7 different spins on chicken parmesan. Whether you're looking for an easy, quick, or healthy dinner recipe that can feed your [...]

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Summer Grilled Chicken Power Salad

I've been on a seasonal power salad kick for the past couple of years and after binge eating this salad below, it's official that it's this seasons honorary power salad. [...]

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Chicken Tawook Quinoa Bowls

If you had to pick between eating off a plate or eating from a bowl, what would you choose? I’m team bowl 100% of the time. And because of that, these Chicken Tawook Quinoa Bowls are on the menu today and they are perfect! [...]

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Spiced Chicken Kebabs with Yogurt Sauce

These Spiced Chicken Kebabs served with a sumac and herb spiked salad and a creamy yogurt sauce are legit perfection! Fair warning: grilling season isn't even remotely over for me as we're losing the kitchen portion of the house in a few weeks - but if you're planning on packing up the grill anytime soon... [...]

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11 of my favorite Chicken Breast Recipes

If you've got a bunch of frozen chicken breasts stashed away in your freezer... this is for you!! 11 of my all time favorite Chicken Breast Recipes and let me tell you, there is something for everyone! One quick note before we dive head first into all of these: the best way to thaw chicken, [...]

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16 of the Best Chicken Thigh Recipes

Get ready for 16 of our most favorite Chicken Thigh Recipes from the past few months! We've got pasta, curries, tacos, the works! Chicken thighs can be turn into any number of recipes. Thighs are a bit more fatty than chicken breasts so they have more flavor and tend to be more tender than chicken [...]

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Chicken Shish Kabobs

How has What's Gaby Cooking been around for so many years and yet we've never talked about Chicken Shish Kabobs?!? These things are the BEST. [...]

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Greek Chicken Stuffed Pitas

Greek Chicken Stuffed Pitas for the win!! One of my favorite recipes that requires only 5 minutes of prep time and you're all set for lunch or dinner. [...]

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65 Easy Grilling Ideas

It's almost that time of year when I call it quits in the kitchen and shift to outside cooking as much as possible!! ESPECIALLY as I have a new grilling book launching next week with 100 brand new recipes to use your grill / smoker etc! But in the interim, we're talking Grilled White Pizza, [...]

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50 Easy Dinner Ideas

You'll find everything from quick and easy recipes to vegetarian dinners, tasty chicken dishes, and more!
This is a list of the titles that were created for this project. The descriptions are directly pulled from their respective blog posts on each brand's website. Here you can see how varied the [...]

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50 Incredible Fourth of July Recipes to Feed a Crowd

The 4th of July is a week away and we need a menu!! So behold... the most epic 4th of July Menu to ever grace your computer screens - and hopefully your homes too! [...]

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Spring Pasta Carbonara

Spring Pasta Carbonara is going down in history as one of the best things I've ever made!  [...]

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23 Healthy Recipes to Kick off 2023

Happy 2023 Friends!! Here are 23 of my favorite healthy-ish recipes from dinner ideas to meal-prep lunches to kick this year off on a delicious foot!  HEALTHY RECIPES FOR LUNCH: DIY Chipotle Burrito Bowl If you’ve been a big fan of the Chipotle Burrito Bowl for as long as you can remember, here’s how to [...]

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Greek Yogurt Waffles

It’s Poppy’s world - I’m just living in it! And when the girl requests waffles for breakfast (after seeing them on a weekend getaway recently) waffles are what’s on tap! And these Cinnamon Apple Greek Yogurt Waffles are perfect!  Not only are these Cinnamon Apple Greek Yogurt Waffles loaded with flavor from the apples and [...]

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Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

Do you love Tzatziki Sauce? It's one of my favorite things! If you've never had it before, it's a delicious Greek sauce made with yogurt, cucumber, garlic, and lemon. It's perfect for topping grilled meats or vegetables, or just served as a dipping sauce alongside my epic Greek Lamb Meatballs. The best part? You can [...]

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80+ Healthy Dinner Ideas

If you're looking for some new delicious and healthy dinner ideas to kick off the new year, I've got plenty of recipes that are great for a family or just for two. The best part is most of these recipes are also great easy dinner ideas and can be made in 30 minutes. Perfect for [...]

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Mediterranean Dinner Party Menu

We're back with another installment of the WGC Dinner Party series! And this time - let's do to the Med! So last time we did a menu, we went to Italy and it was glorious! But today I'm thinking we do a little end of summer situation and basically go to Greece and the surrounding [...]

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Solo Episode with All the Q+A's

Podcast Season 1 Episode 37 Hi Guys!! Happy Monday!! Let's talk about transitioning careers, a little bit about how I built the WGC content cal, fun kids activities in the kitchen a few prep questions!!     Cookbook: Eat What You Want Fav Gadgets: WGC Master List  Recipes to link to:Blueberry Mint Bourbon LemonadeChicken Skewers with Cilantro [...]

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Sriracha Lime Noodle Salad

If you're looking for something that takes 10 minutes to make, packs a bunch and doesn't require lots of cooking - this Sriracha Lime Noodle Salad is it! If there's one thing we have stocked in the fridge at all times, it's Sriracha. Thomas puts it on EVERYTHING. No exaggeration, he's put it on an [...]

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Podcast S1 E14: Spring produce, Fresh Herbs, Frozen Vins and My Current Obsession!!

We're getting into food allergies, spring produce, how to make vinaigrettes and freeze and what to do with mint besides drinking Mojitos!!!   Recipes linked in the episode: 1 Spicy Bacon Fried Rice2 Veggie Fajita Bowls (Rajas – Best Things Ever!)3 Avocado Shrimp Quinoa Bowl4 Thai Chicken Coconut Curry5 Cheesy Asparagus Tart6 Green Pizza (with [...]

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Podcast S1 E13: Brownies, Herb Gardens, Do you need an Instant Pot and SALAD PREP!

We're talking the ins and outs of perfect brownies, the top 5 herbs to plant for an herb garden, do you really need an instant pot and how the heck to prep salads and keep them fresh for a few days!!   Recipes linked in the episode: 1  Double Chocolate Mocha Brownies2 Cheesecake Brownies3 Caramel [...]

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Moroccan Tomato Salad

Prepare yourselves. Moroccan Tomato Salad is basically the salad of your dreams. Get your knife skills ready and then get ready to eat this on the side of everything!  [...]

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What's Gaby Cooking TikTok Recipes & Links

WATCH MY BEST FRIEND’S KITCHEN HERE ! Recent Recipes: Stovetop Tomatillo Chilaquiles Tomato Basil Gnocchi Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole Cheddar Bacon Quiche with Spinach Moroccan Chicken Skewers Easy Skillet Chickpeas Zucchini Feta Frittatas Chicken Caesar Wrap Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp The Most Perfect Burrata Caprese Sandwich Quick and Easy Homemade Chipotle Salsa No Churn Blueberry [...]

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Ultimate Backyard BBQ Menu

I refuse to believe that it’s August and there are only a few more weeks of summer. REFUSE. I’m not okay with it. I will continue to live in my California girl bubble where summer lasts all year and flip flops are always encouraged. That’s just how it’s going to go down! That means Backyard [...]

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Mezze Bar

After the Bruschetta Bar from last year, I’m always on the hunt for new ways to keep entertaining easy and gorgeous. This Mezze Bar situation is currently on the top of my list! Middle Eastern food has always been near to my heart and lucky for me, it’s one of the 8 trends in this [...]

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Cilantro Vinaigrette

After my love affair with basil vinaigrette last spring, I thought it was only fitting that cilantro vinaigrette be the "it" sauce of this season! In my quest to make life easier for everyone, including myself, here's another kitchen shortcut that will save you a hot second or two in the kitchen! Cilantro Vinaigrette can [...]

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10 Healthy Recipes for a Fresh Start in 2015

New Year, New You right? Heck yes!! I'm not really into dieting, I've tried it before and it never ends up working out. But I do believe in having a arsenal of healthy recipes to kick start some clean eating! I'm taking the next few weeks to really reset after all that holiday eating.Over the next [...]

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