This might be the best way to make nachos...

Hi Friends!! Happy Tuesday. I have news for you... we've been making nachos wrong all these years. But not to fear, that problem is getting solved today. This might be the best way to make nachos... The Ultimate Nachos coming your way! First - let's give credit where credit is due. El Molino - you're [...]

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Chrissy’s Chicken Nachos with Avocado Salsa

It's not exactly game day party season. In fact, I'm like 99% certain football season is over. But I feel like nachos are in order for today so that's what's happening. [...]

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Fully Loaded Black Beans Nachos

Did you think we'd make it through game day season without some nachos!?? HECK NO! Here we go - Fully Loaded Black Beans Nachos! [...]

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Sweet Potato Nachos

While you won't find any kitchy halloween food around here today - these Sweet Potato Nachos are 100 times better! [...]

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Carnitas Skillet Nachos

It's been 2 weeks of epic game day recipes here on WGC and coming in hot right before the game are these Carnitas Skillet Nachos! Where do I even begin!!! You'll need one a handful of things to spice up game day, all of which you can grab at your local supermarket. These mini skillets [...]

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Irish Nachos with Guacamole

I am fairly confident that you all know my obsession with guacamole by this point in time. I could, and would, eat it everyday for every meal and I am certain that I would never tire of this. I am always on the lookout for new ideas that involved my beloved guacamole and this past [...]

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80 Best Chicken Recipes

It's hard figuring out what's for dinner every night, but these chicken recipes are all sure to be crowd pleasers. There's something for everyone here, from chicken breast recipes to chicken thigh recipes to 7 different spins on chicken parmesan. Whether you're looking for an easy, quick, or healthy dinner recipe that can feed your [...]

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Meal Plan // Week 13

Let's dive head first into this weeks meal plan while I wrap my mind around the fact that we're almost in April... Sunday -  it's a Nacho night!! Either fire up your grill if it's sunny / warm where you are or use your oven! Monday - It's a Gnocchi night. Feels right. Spring peas [...]

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Quick and Easy Homemade Chipotle Salsa

You guys know how I feel about condiments. I NEED ALL OF THEM. Salsa. Sauces. Guacamole. The works! And today this homemade chipotle salsa is what we all need!  [...]

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100 Super Bowl Food Ideas

Do you ever wonder what to bring to a Super Bowl party or what the most popular Super Bowl food is? Well your in luck because it's that time of the year again when I get an excuse to break out all the the best Super Bowl food ideas for snacks and appetizers for an [...]

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Buffalo Cauliflower

My latest obsession is this new buffalo cauliflower recipe and it's surprisingly easy to make! The secret is in the sauce - you'll want to make sure you have a good, hot sauce on hand. Serve this up as an appetizer at your next party or game day get-together and watch it disappear! If you've [...]

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Spinach Dip with Tortilla Chips

It's about that time people!! Game day is right around the corner and you know I take that very seriously! Dips are an integral part of any Super Bowl Party and spinach dip is mandatory.

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Carnitas Tacos

Life without guacamole just isn't worth living!! Which is why I'm always on the prowl for fun ways to incorporate one of my favorite condiments! And today it's all about these Carnitas Tacos topped with guac! [...]

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Crispy Salmon Burrito Bowls

We're back with another incredible bowl... Crispy Salmon Burrito Bowls!! My love for all things burrito bowls runs deep. I love them with steak, chicken, veggies, carnitas... any of them are fair game. Add to that a salmon burrito bowl and OMG we are in business. Perfectly cooked salmon that's marinated and seasoned to perfection [...]

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Gaby's Guide to Sonoma

With 6 Sonoma country trips under my belt in the last few years, I'd say I'm pretty well versed when it comes to what to eat, where to stay and what to do!! So today we're bringing you Gaby's Guide to Sonoma! A complete guide for everything your heart desires while in sonoma country! Here we [...]

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35 Things to Make with Canned Beans

Let's get right into it. Making a meal out of canned beans is incredibly useful, especially when we're doing a lot of cooking out of the pantry. So in honor of the occasion, below you'll find 35 recipes to make with a can of beans!! We're got all sorts of flavors going on but a [...]

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Queso Fundido

Riddle me this? What on earth is better than ooey, gooey, melted cheese served with tortillas chips? Not much in my book. Hence why we should all dig into this crazy amazing Queso Fundido for the upcoming big game. If I see a fancy queso on a menu, it’s almost guaranteed that it’s coming to [...]

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What's Gaby Cooking Master List

The What's Gaby Cooking Master List got an update! Over the last few year or so I have been collecting all the questions I get on a regular basis - from insta, from the blog, from meeting you guys in person, from our secret FB group, from emails... you name it! I've been writing them down and now everything lives in one place! [...]

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Carnitas Burrito Bowl

Bring on the Carnitas Burrito Bowl!!  You guys are all WELL aware of my love for carnitas. I’ve been obsessed ever since I made my first batch about 10 years ago in culinary school. Carnitas are soft and tender / fall apart in your mouth, and have a little crispy char to them to give [...]

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New Products! Plus every recipe imaginable from the What's Gaby Cooking Line!

OMG you guys!!! Big news to share today! The What's Gaby Cooking collection just got bigger and better and we've got things to talk about! [...]

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Carne Asada Nacho Fries

Nachos are 100% on brand for me. To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement and I’m always looking for fun ways to jazz them up… so I’m pumped to introduce you to Carne Asada Nacho Fries today! Imagine giant wedge potato fries topped with perfectly marinated and grilled carne asada, guacamole, pico de gallo, [...]

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Homemade BBQ Sauce

My tried and true Homemade BBQ Sauce to use on all your favorite recipes! From grilled chicken to steak to veggies and anything in between! Memorial Day is right around the corner and that's the official start of grilling season and I couldn't be more excited. This year is going to be all about the [...]

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Loaded Chilaquiles

We've done Migas and Breakfast Tacos before along with my all time fav Breakfast Burritos so today feels like the right time to get these super easy Loaded Chilaquiles in the mix! Chilaquiles are a staple in Mexican and Tex Mex / Southwestern cooking. You'll see them on pretty much every menu across the southwestern [...]

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16 of the Best Chicken Thigh Recipes

Get ready for 16 of our most favorite Chicken Thigh Recipes from the past few months! We've got pasta, curries, tacos, the works! Chicken thighs can be turn into any number of recipes. Thighs are a bit more fatty than chicken breasts so they have more flavor and tend to be more tender than chicken [...]

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